Steps To Take If You Lost Your Job To Covid-19

Steps To Take If You Lost Your Job To Covid-19

There isn’t a good time to lose your job, but a pandemic might be one of the worst. Losing your job, especially if you haven’t lost one before, is a difficult situation to navigate socially and personally. You and your family depend on the income you bring home and the benefits of healthcare and retirement savings. Furloughs and layoffs normally surprise employees who believe their jobs were safe. Even if you were expecting a layoff, it isn’t easy to be ready. 

Losing your job can feel like an isolating experience, but you are not alone during the current crisis. Ten million people lost their job in a month this year. This is a staggering number of newly unemployed people, and it happened to people in all positions across all industries. While it’s nice to have company, that means the ten million people who lost their job also apply to the same jobs as you. To get a leg up on the competition, the first thing to do after being let go from your job is to retool your resume. here are the Steps To Take If You Lost Your Job To Covid-19

Rebuild Your Resume

Despite the number of people losing jobs, there are still companies looking for employees. Crafting a resume is the number one Steps To Take If You Lost Your Job To Covid-19 , after a few years at your last position can be difficult. Make sure to include your accomplishment and include any data points. Make sure to include a summary statement that sells why companies should hire you.

How to Find jobs in 2020When your resume is ready to go, don’t expect every company to respond to your application. Hiring managers are receiving dozens upon dozens of applications due to the high number of people looking for work. Now if you want to apply for jobs then you can browse with some of the best Govt Jobs .

Be Open to Different Types Of Work

A large percentage of Americans don’t have a savings account with over one thousand dollars. As money is tight, getting a job might be a priority for those without adequate funds in their savings accounts. Your old position might not be applicable for all companies, and hoping for the exact same position as before the pandemic seriously limits potential jobs. You might have to get creative in your job search and look for work in different industries. Your previous role might set you up for a similar role in a different industry. Find ways to market your previous job to new companies that highlights your experiences and how you can quickly learn new skills.

If you have been at your job for multiple years, it might be worth pursuing some reeducation to bolster your resumes. Enrolling in a few online courses will show employees you are dedicated to learning and don’t let setbacks keep you down. 

Look For Work In Growing Fields

If you do end up learning online, try to focus your efforts on desirable skills to employers and in growing fields. Computer science is a growing field as technology becomes essential to our work. Teachers, construction workers, and administrators are relying on technology in one way or another. Learning the skills to help others navigate computer systems will increase your value to current and future employees, reducing the chances of being let go during a pandemic or recession. 

Computer science offers many different roles for all types of people. Computer science careers include data analysts, software engineers, and IT managers. Each role uses a different skill set and requires a different set of soft skills. You might have many of these soft skills in your job already. For example, an entry-level full stack developer’s salary—someone who works on the front and back end of a website, app, or program—starts out making an average of over $90,000. While salaries depend on the city you live in, this is a beginning salary and will likely increase as you build your skillset and earn promotions

Learn Desirable Skills

There are many different ways to learn computer science skills to land your next job. A coding bootcamp is a quick way to learn everything you need to know to land entry-level employment as tech workers. While entry-level might seem like a step back from your current role, entry-level tech workers are some of the world’s highest-paid entry-level positions. While millions are applying to the few job openings, it would be advantageous to take your career to the next level by learning a new trade in as little as three months. 

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